Meet the Practioners

  • Dr.
    Drew Kluger
    Chiropractic Physician

    Dr. Drew Kluger, raised in Chapel Hill, completed a Doctorate of Chiropractic at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Florida. Dr. Drew and his wife Alexis live in Chapel Hill with their beloved dog Olli. They love to travel, nature, walk in the woods with Olli, and work with their patients.

    He helps his patients create individual nutritional plans to balance weight, increase energy, and regulate digestion. It's been a joy for Dr. Drew to manifest his long-time vision of a holistic healthcare practice integrating Eastern Medicine therapies and massage. He bases his chiropractic practice on enhancing the body's innate healing power by identifying and removing the structural, nutritional chemical, and emotional stressors on the body.

    No matter the health concern you may be dealing with, Dr. Drew believes that our symptoms are important messages from our bodies and that it is never too late to achieve great health and feel good every day!

  • Alexis Wilson - Kluger
    Chinese Medicine Specialist

    Alexis Wilson-Kluger graduated from the Five Element Acupuncture and Herbal Studies curriculum with a specific focus on the Five Element tradition and herbal studies in Gainesville, FL. Rooted in the ancient wisdom of the Five Elements and traditional Taoism, the curriculum teaches students to see people not only as they present themselves in illness, but more importantly as they would be when in health and balance. She has observed that when she starts out by treating on the spirit level, the physical symptoms also alleviate themselves. There is a deep connection between our physical and emotional state. She works to treat body mind and spirit believing that once we get to the root cause of an issue, we begin to see other issues dissipate and resolve themselves. She works with the individual as a whole human being, taking into account who they are and their life story, not just signs and symptoms.

    She says, “This is the way I practice. And I have seen amazing, life changing results! My mission is to create a sanctuary in which melting into self, deep raw unhinged transformation, authentic personal growth and a renewal into ones highest virtue and truth can occur through Chinese Medicine therapies, Herbal Medicine, Sacred Dance and Ceremony. I do this while vibrantly upholding the values of warmth, spirit, intimacy, depth, truth, connection and integrity. Through myself as a vessel of healing, I will inspire each client to go beyond where they believed their own fullness and potential had ended. I will create a sanctuary of vulnerability and aid my clients to move deeper and deeper into one’s own unique virtue and truth. I will aid as as a healing vessel in which ones spirit can move authentically and freely within themselves and eventually, throughout the world at large.”

    She is available to help patients learn and experience ancient Chinese Traditional Medicine healing techniques such as cupping, moxibustion, gua sha and more. Call to see how these centuries old, time-honored techniques may be able to help you. 

  • Aaron Marco

    Aaron Marco, co-founder of the institute for integral neuro-fasciology, has qualifications and expertise in the field of manual therapies specializing in fascia and anatomical structure. Aaron has studied and gained extensive experience in central nervous system support; integrating physiological and structural function and systems; complex nutritional design; pedagogical systems and frameworks for cognitive stimulation and development and optimal neurological development and function; physical and functional movement therapies and practices.

    Aaron’s innovative and cutting-edge methodology, INF manual method, accesses the seamless interplay between the body’s physiological and physical structure and function. He has synthesized his broad knowledge and specialized experience with modern technology and developed an integral design that supports and compliments the challenges of both contemporary living and the complex needs of the physiologically and physically hurt and unwell. This is what makes his method contemporary.

    Read more about Aaron on his website HERE ->

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