Acu-stapling has been around for over two decades.  It is a combination of auriculotherapy and acupressure.  Auriculotherapy on ear acupuncture points utilizes the body's 'micro system' on the ear to treat certain parts of the body.  It has been shown scientifically that different points in the ear demonstrate higher electrical conductivity when their related organ or tissue is stressed, unbalanced, or diseased.  Through treatment of these ear staples of such points, energy flow is theorized to be enhanced to this area of the body.  This increase of energy to an area of imbalance will potentially result in improvement in the physical as well as energetic state of the body. 

Everyone is different regarding the anatomy of their ears; there are no two alike, including your left and right ear.  Each person will be assessed as an individual due to different results desired.  Please know, the staple will affect what your body needs most.   The staple targets many areas, so you may feel the staple isn't working because you are not losing weight, but it really is, it is targeting what your body needs first! 

Used for: Weight loss, Smoking Cessation, Headaches, Insomnia relief, Asthma and Chronic Bronchitis relief.

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